he British Government’s emergency response committee COBRA convened in Whitehall on the 6th December 2013 in response to the threat of a large storm and increased risk of tidal surges. Over the next three months COBRA would meet over thirty times, chaired by a number of different politicians.


This publication and DVD, bring together the film and text based responses.






On 22nd and 23rd May 2013 COBRA RES invited a collection of artists and writers to respond to the killing of the solider Lee Rigby in Woolwich, South London.


This book is a collection of those visual and text based responses




Samuel Stevens' Why Look?

Seån O Sullivan

Text commissioned by the Joinery Gallery, Dublin to accompany the solo exhibition 'Why Look?'.




Three Films on Language/Poland/Belarus Integration - Internationalism - Nationalism

Samuel Stevens


Three Films on Language/Poland/Belarus - Integration, Internationalism, Natioalism Three films on Language is a compilation of three films Zubr, Esperi and Jarmark Europaon three locations in Poland and Belarus. A booklet accompanies the three films that brings together news report from the subjecs of the films an essay by Maija Timonen and a preface by the artist.




Eight Metaphors

Isla Ylap

8 Metaphors' presents... the moving image practice of 8 artists, and interrogates their decision to write, commission and edit a book that encapsulates their work. Their contributions - which include texts, interviews, scripts and scores - are a series of metaphors for the making of work, and making meaning. Contributors include: Mina Bancheva, Eric La Casa, Christoph Cox, Kate Davis, Lars Bang Larsen, Uriel Orlow, Dominic Paterson, Lee Patterson, Lis Rhodes, Deborah Stratman, Maija Timonen, Toshiya Tsunoda, Marina Vishmidt, Judith Williamson, Pauline Boudry/Renate Lorenz.


The Distant Beast

Maija Timonen

Essay commissioned by Lux through the Leverhulme Associate Artists Program onn the three films Zubr, Esperi and Jarmark Europa. First published in Eight Metaphors (ed. Ylap 2010) and subsequently as part of the DVD/bookset Three Films on Language/Poland/Belarus.



Integration, Internationalism, Nationalism

Samuel Stevens

preface to the limited edition DVD/bookset Three Films on Language/Poland/Belarus.



Serpentine Cinema Screening, Atlantropa

Stephen Connelly

Review of Atlantropa, 2009, written for the Lux blog at the event of the screening of the filmwth live narration presented by Serpentine Cinema at the Gate CInema, Nottinghill, London



A Case for Political Conscience

Samuel Stevens

Preface to the limited edition DVD/book set WHEN I SIT DOWN TO WRITE.



When I Sit Down To Write: On Two Films By Samuel Stevens

Stephen Conelly

Essay writen for the limited edition DVD/book set.





WHEN I SIT DOWN TO WRITE, A Case for Political Conscience

Samuel StevensThis DVD includes Sin Papeles (2005), Atlantropa (2009) and the limited edition booklet When I Sit Down To Write, A Case for Political Conscience containing a preface by the artist, source material from the films and an essay by the artist film maker Stephen Connolly. This DVD and booklet set brings together two film works that explore issues of migration as they manifest in contemporary Spain, Sin Papeles (2005) and Atlantropa (2009)




Fresh Moves: New Moving Image of the UK

The appearance of Fresh Moves is a unique event making artists’ moving images, some of which are rarely seen, available beyond the conventional context of art exhibitions and fleeting lives online. The project is the result of’s continuous collaboration and exchange with artists, institutions and independent curators which has made it the inimitable platform for moving image practice that it is today.



Sin Papeles reviewed in Freize Emerging Artists

Stuart Comer

frieze asked the following critics and curators from around the world to choose what, and who, they felt to be the most significant shows and artists of 2006: